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Integration ModePhoton Counting Mode

This GUI is opened from the Main Window menu. View > Photon Counting Controls

See Photon Counting for more information.


More information about Photon Counting can be found on the Photon Counting concept page.

Photon Counting Controls

Uniform Pixel Bin SizeDisables the geometry correction for the non-uniform resonant scanning speed (see Line Formation)

Photon Counting Controls - Integration Mode


Differentiate Before IntegrationApply centered differentiation on signal for photo current integration
Absolute Value Before IntegrationTake the absolute value on signal for photo current integration
Enable Integration ThresholdIgnore any values below threshold for photo current integration
Integration ThresholdValue of integration threshold (in ADC units)
Disable Mask AveragingDisables the division after sample binning (see Line Formation).

Photon Counting Controls - Photon Counting Mode


Configure Photon DiscriminatorShows the photon discriminator GUI
Show Photon HistogramShows the photon histogram
Photon Selection MaskFor time correlated photon counting; Binary mask that selects photons after laser pulse used to display in channel
Disable Mask AveragingDisables the division after sample binning (see Line Formation). Should be ON for photon counting.


Photon Discriminator

Grab DataGrab raw digitizer data. (Sync)
Save ConfigurationSave the current photon configurator settings to disk
Load ConfigurationLoad photon configurator settings from disk
Signal ConditioningClick into box to open configuration dialog
Scale by Power of 2Scale signal by 2^x
OffsetOffset signal by x
DifferentiateApply centered differentiation filter (0: disabled, 1: enabled)
FIR Filter EnableEnable/Disable the FIR filter
Filter CoefficientsClick in FIR filter plot to open dialog. Maximum of 32 taps, filter values must be integers
Photon DiscriminatorClick into box to open configuration dialog
Peak ThresholdThreshold for photon detection
Peak WindowWindow size (in samples) for peak detection, must be odd number
DebounceDebounce samples
PlotsMouse wheel zooms, drag with mouse to pan
Yellow threshold lineDrag with mouse to set photon peak threshold
PhotonClick on detected photons, drag window and debounce line to adjust values
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